Loose Waves and Fall 2015 Hair Trends

Loose waves, deep side parts, low pony tails, loose twists and leather accessories were all seen on the Fall 2015 runway. See images on harpersbazaar.com.



Below we show two ways to achieve those natural-looking loose waves with your own hair or your straight Ultima hair extensions. Ultima is made with collagen protein and is most like human hair. Purchase affordable loose curl hair extensions made with Ultima hair and skip the steps below.





With a large-barrel curling iron wrap a section of hair near the roots around the iron working down to the tips without opening the clamp or use a curling rod. Hold for 5 seconds, then release. Finger comb your hair. Toss and spray lightly with finishing spray if necessary Alternatively you can create these curls with a flat iron. Start midway down the hair strand, and twist the flat iron one time then move down the strand. Leave the bottom portion out and uncurled if you want a more beachy look.

Spray hair lightly with water. Part it in 4 or 5 sections (the bigger the sections, the looser the waves.) Braid each section and secure with elastic band overnight. Pull out the braids in the morning. Finger comb hair. Toss and spray lightly with finishing spray if necessary.

Watch Ultima Care & Style videos for more tips.



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