Easy Ultima Hair Care

Why choose Ultima hair instead of human or synthetic hair?

1. Refreshing Ultima hair
Spray with water and gently brush or comb out using a wide-tooth comb or brush
Start at the ends and work your way up
To avoid damage don’t pull hair too tightly

2. Washing Ultima hair
Wet thoroughly with cool or warm water, gently apply a mild shampoo, then rinse

3. Drying Ultima hair
Heat-drying Ultima hair is a safe alternative to air-drying

4. Styling Ultima hair
Safe to use a curling iron, flat iron or curling wand up to 350°F

5. Choosing your desired look
Ultima hair is available in a variety of colors and styles and it is so affordable

View videos and learn more at the Ultimahair.com 

Easy Ultima Hair Care Instruction Sheet

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