Styling with Bantu Knots and Braids



Bantu knots and Braids are styles you can wear out;  they are also the tools to create curly and wavy hair without heat setting tools. Good for your natural hair and also good for your Ultima hair. For Spring 2015, Marc Jacobs models went down the runway in Bantu knots.

  • Lightly mist your hair
  • Section it with clips. The larger the sections, the looser the waves or curls
  • The tighter the sections, the tighter the waves or curls

Bantu Knot

  • Start at the bottom by twisting a strand of hair loosely at first
  • Continue twisting as you wrap the strand around itself
  • Secure the end with a pin
  • You are ready for the day!

Bantu Knot-Out

  • Blow-dry the bantu knots briefly to set (optional) and cover with a cap overnight
  • Next morning take out the knots by “unscrewing” the knot in the opposite direction
  • Separate the strands carefully with your fingers to avoid frizz
  • Bantu knot-out results in beautiful curls

Braid out

  • Same as above only braid the sections of hair instead of knotting
  • Braid out results in natural waves


Images are from EXPERIENCE ULTIMA HAIR workshop at Clark Atlanta University.
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