Transitioning to Natural Hair with Kanekalon Braids

“Go Natural is becoming a mainstream movement and people everywhere are transitioning from relaxed to natural. Braiding stylists recommend 100% Kanekalon® Braids.

Experienced braider Ngone Sow says, it’s important to be aware of synthetic Yaki Braids. The cheaper synthetic braids (usually sell around 99 cents at beauty supply stores) may look silky but, their texture is harsh on fingers, this type of braid easily pulls out and will come loose. Moreover, the inferior material is dangerous and could burn easily and melt.

10 Protective Braided Styles to try from

You will find extended reading at about
10 Protective Braided styles to try
 (see photo above) and
Natural Hair’s Protective style of Cornrows by Ms. Anu Prestonia
—Owner of Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, High-Concept styling and hair care expert.

Why Cornrows are awesome by Ms. Anu Prestonia.


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