The Perfect Weave. Tips Of the Trade.

March 29, 2012


Every Thursday, we’ll share a few tips about weave-wearing that we got from our most trusted weave-ologists! Here’s a couple to get you started. Stay tuned for even more next week!

There’s straight hair that stays straight. And curly hair that won’t stay straight if you paid it. There’s a rainbow of colors and even more variety when it comes to texture and type. Synthetic hair often requires less maintenance than human hair and can be less expensive. However human hair usually lasts a little longer.

Blending is the name of the game. Theres’s nothing worse than seeing a woman with a SICK weave, only to then notice that you can totally see where her hair stops and the weave begins. Take the time to experiment with different hair types to get the one that matches yours as closely as possible. Going for a curly style, but your hair is relaxed? It’s okay. You can still pull it off. Just make sure that you blend as well as you can and have the tools on-hand to recreate the curl pattern.

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One Response to “The Perfect Weave. Tips Of the Trade.”

  1. Shanita Says:

    See thats why I cant even rock with that Yaki! I’m too classy for that synthetic stuff.

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