Ask the Ambassador Stylist: How long can I keep my extensions in?

sallyNo Bad Hair Days Blog Reader, Ashley asks: How long can I wear my weave and can I wear it wet ?

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okelaUltima Ambassador Stylist O?Kela Neveaux says: You should never keep a weave in longer than three months.

And you should only keep it in that long if you are keeping your scalp and natural hair properly maintained the whole time. And if the weaved hair is still in looking good.

But you should only leave in your weave for four to six weeks if your natural hair texture tends to dread without a relaxer, or just after a prolonged period.

It’s fine to get the weave wet, but remember it will dry and not necessarily still have the same look — unless you use products which may make it a bit stiff if you use to much.

No need to apply product every day; just use a water bottle to wet down the hair and the existing product in the hair will reactivate. Caring for Pro 10 extensions made with Ultima Organic Protein is simple. You can wash it, dry it, curl it, straighten it, again and again. Just be sure you dry it thoroughly every time.

The key to keeping your natural hair and scalp in good condition is to try to not wet the braids under the weave too much if you don’t have to, because the braided hair can mildew if it never gets the chance to be properly dried.

So if you’re swimming and getting the hair wet to the scalp be sure to let the braids dry out completely. Just think: mildew, mold and fungus all grow in damp wet places. They thrive where there’s constant moisture.

The beautiful model is No Bad Hair Days blog reader Sally Lewis of New York City.

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